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Whether it’s a magnificent heavy timber frame barn or handcrafted timber trusses and corbels, Framework Plus can make your horse barn or workshop shine with our timber frame barn services. We work based out of Greater Portland, OR, but offer services to clients nationwide.

Timber frames and trusses have the ability to transform an ordinary barn into something beautiful and unique. Our experienced craftsmen specialize in custom timber frame barn designs to fit any client’s needs. We also offer timber framing for both interior and exterior uses, from entryways to private patios and pavilions.

Since timber framing uses all wood connections, there will be no unattractive brackets, screws, or bolts sticking out like an eyesore. We use the finest Douglas fir and cedar the Pacific Northwest has to offer in our timber frame barn services. Each piece of high-grade wood is unique, bringing a distinctive look to each individual barn. The quality of wood used also shows in the longevity of the barn, resulting in structures that can stand for generations to come. These heavy timbers carry high wind, snow, and seismic loads, giving you peace of mind year round.

These timber frame features can be used as structural elements or as captivating aesthetic elements for interior and exterior use. Timber frame entryways draw attention to any barn, while structural timber frames produce a rustic and homey feel.

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