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Alpine Pavilion

Six Pavilions That Will Inspire You To Spend the Summer Outdoors

Create your own escape from civilization with one of these pavilion kits.

From stunning open-air gourmet kitchens to outdoor hot tubs, luxurious handcrafted timber frame pavilions are adding resort-like experiences mere steps from home. Since 1993, Framework Plus in Estacada, Oregon, has been handcrafting timber frame pavilions for the backyards of clients across America.

“Using high-grade heavy Douglas fir timbers harvested from the forests of the Pacific Northwest, we handcraft each pavilion to the exact needs of our clients,” says John Pederson, owner and founder of Framework Plus. “Whether it’s a custom design or one of our pavilion kits, each one is crafted right here in our shop in Estacada, Oregon, with our own hands and we take our craft very seriously.”

Framework Plus delivers these easy-to-erect kits via truck. All posts and timbers arrive with pre-drilled holes for mortise and tenon connections and all timbers and beams are stained in the shop to the customer’s preference in color. All fasteners for erecting the frame are included. This includes the post base brackets for connecting posts to the foundation and handmade oak tenons for fastening the joints of the frame. Pre-stained Douglas fir tongue-in-groove decking material for the roof completes the package, making it easy to construct at your home.

Framework Plus made-to-order pavilion kits come in three standard sizes, 10’x10’, 12’x12’, 14’x14’. But these standard sizes can be customized to create a unique design for your individual needs, explains John Pederson. Some of the more popular custom sizes are 18’x30’ and 20’x20’, with a variety of different timber frame configurations optional. These timber frame pavilions are being installed on new home builds as well as remodels. They can be attached to your home as a porch, or used as a stand-alone structure, like a gazebo or stage.

Here are the best pavilion kits for transforming your backyard into an elegant gathering space for entertaining family and friends.

  1. The Timberline
  2. The Meadows
  3. The Summit
  4. The Rainier
  5. The Columbia
  6. The Alpine

The Timberline

The Timberline pavilion features two King Post trusses or “bents,” at either end of the roof. “Clients are really drawn to the traditional beauty of that King Post configuration,” Pederson says. A king post is a simple triangle with a central vertical post, which is flanked with two gently curved braces. It’s also one of the most cost-effective trusses in timber framing.

The Meadows

Have a queen in your life you’d like to please with an elegant outdoor entertaining space? The Meadows pavilion kit is a regal style thanks to the Queen Post trusses at each end of the two-plane roofline. Queen posts are a triangle configuration, with two hand-carved vertical posts in the center and two arched braces below the tie beam. With the extra posts in the center of the truss, a Queen Post can span longer distances than a King Post. The Meadows pavilion kit comes in three standard sizes, with customization of these sizes to fit a specific space being routine.

The Summit

Fans of medieval or gothic styles of architecture will love the Summit pavilion kit. The Summit features a double hammerbeam roof with two classic hammerbeam trusses on each side of the pavilion. Medieval carpenters employed hammerbeams in the construction of great halls in castles and cathedrals hundreds of years ago. Some hammerbeam structures built as far back as the year 1290 are still in use. You can bring this historical architectural miracle to your backyard in Framework Plus standard three sizes.

The Rainier

Named after the iconic Mount Rainier volcano in nearby Cascadia, the Rainier is one of Framework Plus’ most dramatic designs in the company’s inventory. The stunning space is dominated by two handcrafted, double-ridge trusses that span the entire pavilion. Like the other pavilion designs, the Rainier comes in the company’s three standard pavilion kit sizes. But the expert artisans at Framework Plus can customize the design to suit your specific needs.

The Columbia

The Columbia is the newest kit in the Framework Plus family of pavilion designs. Classic and dignified, the Columbia features two king post trusses at each gable end, reinforced with two gently curving braces. This combination will add a stately space to your backyard entertainment area. Like all the company’s other pavilion designs, the Columbia will be handcrafted from high-grade Douglas fir timbers sustainably harvested in the Pacific Northwest. The highly talented craftsmen pre-drill all holes for the mortise and tenon joinery, making the process of building your outdoor living area quick and simple.

The Alpine

If you’re looking for a classic design that’s reminiscent of medieval architecture, the Alpine pavilion kit from Framework Plus is another great choice. The Alpine features a simple King Post truss on each gable end of your pavilion. Many homeowners are drawn to the clean lines of this design. King post trusses have the fewest truss members, with no additional struts or top cords to impede your view. All components of the Alpine are handcrafted and test fitted in the company’s shop to ensure a precise fit when it arrives at your home. The Alpine pavilion kit comes in three sizes. Custom sizes and truss configurations are available upon request.

Whichever pavilion design from Framework Plus you choose, you will be soon making memories with your friends and family in an elegant space that effortlessly delivers a zen resort-like experience. Trinity Building Systems